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We all have fond memories of Berend. Please feel free to use the comment form below to share your stories.

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2 responses to “Share Your Memories”

  1. Eric Lehner Avatar

    Berend can teach an important lesson today about the dignity of a quiet and accepting heart. In an era of hype and exaggeration, Berend’s authenticity and thoughtful demeanor are good for the souls of those around him. Berend was a good business friend too. I am inspired to continue striving in order to make good on his faith in me – a profound gift by him. Thank goodness for Berend that his final time included sincere affection from family. Clearly, this was his centre of gravity – family, from his earliest days to his final time with us in this life. Thank you, Miranda and Kevin, for what you have done as well, to bring warmth to your father in his last days.

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  2. Rose Avatar

    Berend was a genius craftsman. I was witness to his talent having been married to him for almost 2 decades. Single-handedly, he built steel sheds in our backyards of 3 homes we’ve lived in. He dug and installed a pond in a backyard garden where he took care of a turtle. All by himself, he finished our basement complete with 2 bedrooms, a living room/dining/kitchen with a bathroom. I can’t remember him taking our cars to a mechanic, the garage was his playroom.

    Most of all, he loved fishing. Given a choice between a holiday in some exotic place or fishing, he was sure to pick fishing.

    While he might have seemed taciturn and undemonstrative, we both shared a great love for our children. Berend, you will always be remembered.


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